Earbuds Never Stay in My Ears

earbuds never stay in my ear

Earbuds are light headphones fit right in the ear canal, directing music right in your ear. Earbuds block external noise and typically don’t interfere with hats, earrings, glasses, or your hair.

Many people are asking themselves “Why do my earbuds never stay in my ears?”. Well, the answers are kinda simple yet we overlook sometimes.

Earbuds may come out of your ear if they don’t fit properly especially when you are engaged in activities like running, working out at the gym, or anything else that causes your head or body to be moving vigorously. You might have even asked how to get earbuds to stay in your ears!

To keep earbuds from falling out, try different sizes, purchase accessories, or wear items that might force the earbud to stay in your ear.

Below are factors that will help keep your headphones from falling out.

How to Get Earbuds to Stay in Your Ears

earbuds never stay in my ear


If you ask most people how they came about the earphones they are using, it is either through a friend, the internet, an advertisement on TV or maybe because of the hype regarding that particular product. But how many people research their wireless earbud to see if it is the right fit for them before purchasing it?

The first step to keeping your in-ear headphones from falling while running, doing errands, or simply leisure is by purchasing the perfect fit for your ears.

Although there is a standard measure for the size of the ear canal, the ears of everyone have various sizes and shapes.

Human ears do not come in one-size-fits-all. If the canal of your ear is a bit bigger than the ear tips of your earbuds,

your earbuds will find it hard to see a spot where it can occupy perfectly. This means you have to say goodbye to the newly released songs you were planning to blast during your next run or activity.

Also, it will be difficult getting your wireless earbuds to go deep into your canal if the canal of your ear is smaller than the ear tips you have selected. This may cause the earbuds to never stay in your ears. However, it is fortunate that you can get Earbuds that can enter deep into the ear canal and give a tight seal whether you have a small or large ear canal.

Intensive and extensive research is still the best way to do before buying an Earbuds, read reviews about the earbuds, and ensure they will work perfectly for you.

The fact is, even the most expensive Bluetooth earbuds will fall out constantly if you don’t make the right choice. 


You might have heard that there are wrong and right ways to wear your earphones. I have once been in your shoes, and I will show you the correct ways to put them on today. This has been the main reason why earbuds never stay in my ears

For Wired Earphone Users

If you are using wired sports headphones probabilities are you always wear it straight into your ears. Of course, that is what most people do. But the best way to wear wired headphones is by looping them from behind your ear.

In this way some parts of the cord will be sitting on your ear while the ear tip is ready to go into your ear canal. It may seem odd for the first time you try this, But when you get adapted to it, you will find out that you are saving yourself from a lot of trouble.

For Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Users

wireless Apple earbuds
Apple AirPods with Charging Case

It is one thing to get the best Bluetooth earbuds with ear tips that fit, but it is another thing to know how to wear them correctly. The most common mistake people make when wearing a wireless headphone is simply putting it into their ear. It often doesn’t work like that because it might not create the proper seal needed to keep your ear tips in place. Here are some tips to wear them correctly.

Put the earbuds inside the ear canal snugly. For using earbuds efficiently, the sound must be transmitted effectively into your ears.

Therefore, they must be logged into the ear canal while keeping them closer to the eardrum. You can lodge them at a required place by giving them 2 to 3 twists back and forth.

By fitting the head of your wireless earbuds inside the ear canal will block the ambient sounds also from being entered into the ears.

Pull over the earlobes for sealing your earbuds into the place.

After you have placed the earbud in both ears loosely, reach up for tugging each earlobe lightly by using the other hand.

It will open as well as to enlarge your ear canal slightly. While doing this, press your earbuds slightly farther into the point using your index finger of the opposite hand.

For instance, for securing your earbuds in the right ear, tug on your earlobe lightly using the left hand.

Meanwhile, make use of your index finger of the right hand for pushing the earbud inside the ear canal.

Never move the jaws as you use the earbuds if it is possible. It depends on the shape of the jaws as well as their proximity to the ear canal.

Repeated closing and opening of jaws can make earbuds lose. As you can’t keep your jaws from moving obviously while doing various tasks like using your cell phone, tend not to do so.

Keep your jaws stationary, mainly while using the earbuds.

For instance, if you use to chew a gum or eat a snack when you are listening to audios using earbuds,

The motion of jaws can loosen your earbuds. In this way, they may slip out of the ears.


This is one of the things many audiophiles don’t pay attention to. Asking yourself why my earbuds never stay in my ears, and yet forgot to clean your ears.

We think the wax in our ears doesn’t have anything to do with earbuds sitting well in the ear. Sometimes when you remove the earbuds from your ear, you will notice that they are caked in earwax though it is most times minimal. This could be one of the reasons why Earbud never stays in your ear.

Ears with excess wax can be the reason why your headphones keep falling off. Whip out the wax buildup in your ears before you use the earphones. However, this can only work for you if all the other conditions mentioned above are performed.

Final thoughts on why Earbuds Never Stay in my Ears

Earbuds that never stay in your ear are frustrating but hopefully you learn a thing or two in this post. Also, extensive research and trying out different earbuds on stores would make a big difference. Enjoy the pleasures of fantastic sound qualities without any disturbances.

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