Good Earbuds for Running: A Top 10 Review

Good Earbuds for Running: A Top 10 Review good earbuds for running

Hear ye, hear ye! You want headphones with great sound, connectivity, and comfort, right? Well, don’t run before you can walk. We’re going to help you make the right choice.

If you’re looking for some good earbuds for running, here are ten that will be a perfect fit. Remember, you heard it here first!

1. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

If you want to give your favorite power songs even more force then look no further than these lightweight earbuds. These comfortable headphones are made by a company that’s synonymous with high-quality sound.

The SoundSport buds can be paired quickly with NFC-enabled smartphones. The Bose Connect app also lets you share music with more than one set of earbud, making this a good earbuds for running. That’s great news if you have a running buddy.

For a few dollars more, the range offers a Pulse edition which has a built-in heart rate monitor. They’re sweat-resistant, have a battery life of up to six hours and there’s even a microphone for taking calls while you run.

2.  Jabra Elite Active 65T Headphones

These earbuds are a great all-rounder for running, the gym and cycling. This Jabra model also comes with a special coating so that the earbuds stick inside the ear a bit better.

A lot of work has gone into producing a sound that has enough bass whilst allowing you to hear your music in all its detail. There’s an accelerometer for counting reps that works alongside Jabra’s own fitness app.

These headphones are so comfortable, are a superb fit and are free of wires. It’ll be difficult not to get hooked on them if you’re a keen runner.

3. Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones

This new model is lighter, more comfortable and has better sound quality than its predecessor making it a good earbuds for running. If you run in a busy city, then AfterShokz earbuds are a great choice.

Technological innovation means you can hear traffic or someone you’re chatting with but still listen to your music.

Some races will allow you to wear them even when you’re running. That’s because you’ll still be able to hear any necessary commands from organizers. These earbuds are sweat-proof and are a great fit meaning they can’t fall out while you’re running.

4. Monster iSport Victory Bluetooth Headphones

These are a great choice if you do a lot of vigorous running and combine this with exercises that have quick sharp movements. These headphones have a lot of tips and wings that will keep them sitting securely in your ear.

The earbuds are sweat resistant, have a long battery life and they’re also some of the lightest around.

They pump out a standard style of base sound in their ‘Sport’ mode so they may not be ideal when you’re back home and wanting to listen to some softer sounds.

5. Beats PowerBeats 3 Headphones

These pumping, running headphones are a great choice, especially for Apple users. They feature Apple’s W1 chip. This means the Bluetooth pairing process for multiple iCloud-linked devices is really simple. It also boosts the wireless range.

They have a long twelve-hour battery life. You can also give them a quick five-minute charge for an hour’s play. They offer great sound, especially for powerful songs with a strong bass line. There are on-ear controls but no heart rate monitor.

6. Sennheiser CX Sport Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones are lightweight and comfortable. That makes them ideal if you like running long distances. You’ll get an hour’s play from a quick ten-minute charge which makes up for the short six-hour battery life.

Getting them positioned in your ear for the best sound takes a little practice. This can make things a bit tricky if you’re combining running with other sorts of exercises. If you are looking for some good earbuds for running, then this must be the one for you.

7. Jabra Elite Sport Headphones

These earbuds have a completely cordless design and so are great for any minimalists out there. These cutting edge headphones are completely sealed against sweat and rain too.

They’re pulse tracking with a system that’s remarkably accurate. An Android and iOS app use your phone’s GPS to keep you posted about your average pulse, speed, distance, and workout intensity. This all happens through voice cues.

Special technology lets you manage the way the earbuds filter out ambient noise. A quick press of a button allows you to pick up your surroundings and your music.

These headphones can even filter out background noise for someone you’re talking to on the phone. They have a long battery life but offer a slow charge.

8. Rha TrueConnect Headphones

These earbuds fit into your ear rather than sitting outside them. They offer sweat-proofing and so are ideal for running. The sound is right up there with many of their closest rivals and they’re not susceptible to wind noise.

These headphones are comfortable but can at times work themselves loose from your ear if you’re pounding the streets for long periods of time.

9. Sony WF-SP700N Headphones

These are another great wireless option. They come with a noise-canceling feature that helps keep out ambient noise. They’re sweat-resistant, lightweight and fit comfortably thanks to the specially designed sports fins.

The sound is good, and these earbuds are also very reliable. There are clever ‘power’ buttons that let you take calls, and skip tracks forward and back. The three-hour battery life is disappointing. Apart from that, these earbuds are a safe bet.

10. Plantronics Backbeat Fit Headphones

These earbuds are designed to let in some ambient noise so that you can hear traffic if you’re out running. They have a firm silicon covering with a little loop which helps keep the headphones firmly in your ear.

These earbuds are comfortable, sweatproof and offer great sound making them one of the top all-around choices on the market.

Choosing Good Earbuds for Running

When you’re a regular runner, you’ll need headphones which are reliable, fit well and offer you a great sound. We believe our choice of good earbuds for running will more than meet your requirements.

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