LG Tone Active Review: The Best Workout Headphones Plus More

LG Tone Active Review: The Best Workout Headphones Plus More lg tone active review
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Your relationship with your headphones is a lot like your relationship to your significant other. No one gives you instructions on how to pick them, even though you really need an instruction manual on how to pick them. Either way, you can’t imagine how you would function as a person without them, but we can provide you an accurate lg tone active review if you keep on reading.

Some people have headphones that have lasted longer than relationships. We don’t judge. When you find the right one, you want to hold onto it.

We can’t give tell you how to pick relationships, but we can tell you how to pick a great set of workout headphones. Keep reading for our complete LG Tone Active review to see if these are the perfect match for your workout.



We use headphones so much that we rarely think about design and functionality. But when you’re benching 200 lbs. or setting a new PR in a marathon, the last thing you should worry about is your headphones falling off.

There’s actually a reason why your earbuds always fall out–and headphones can be designed to prevent unwarranted interruptions to your jam session. Wireless headphones can even be designed to prevent frantic scrabbling in the dirt when one falls out of your ear.

If you’re unfamiliar with LG’s Tone line, it’s a neck-resting unit. It’s designed to fit snugly around your neck (and lined with rubber so it bends easily). To put on the headphones, you simply extend the earbuds from the open ends.

This is different from most Bluetooth headphones, which incorporate wireless technology directly into the earpieces and bridge them with a cable.

Build Quality

If neck-resting plastic sounds uncomfortable for your 10-mile run, you haven’t tried the LG Tone Active.

It weighs around .13 lbs, and the horseshoe design and heavy rubber lining make it quite comfortable for your neck. That said, it’s a hardy design ready for whatever abuse you might throw at it, which is a relief if you break headphones as readily as you break a sweat.


We’ve talked a lot about the neck unit. What about the actual sound?

The headset comes with two options: speakers or earbuds. The speakers are built into the arms on either side and face upward toward your ears. There’s a switch on the neckband that allows you to switch between the earbuds and the speakers.

Hint: don’t be that person blaring rap music in a crowded gym.

If you want to use the earbuds, simply pull them up toward your ears. They’ll lock in place when you finish.

On the right arm are the controls to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind. Fortunately, these are all separate buttons, which makes it easy to feel for them if you don’t want to break your stride.

On the left arm are the volume buttons, as well as the power button and phone call button. Yup, there’s a microphone allowing you to take calls (the set will vibrate when you’ve got an incoming call), which is super handy since you don’t have to take the set off to take a call.


Once you know how to use the LG Tone Active, what kind of user experience do you get for your trouble?

Don’t be thrown by the apparent fragility of the wires–these guys can take a surprising amount of abuse. They also extend up to seven inches, which offers plenty of slack when you’re bouncing around.

As for the earbuds themselves, you have plenty of options to make them work for you. When you order your LG Tone Active set, you’ll also get additional gel ear tips in different sizes, as well as a large rubber stabilizer.

Don’t knock that stabilizer either. You might not think it can hold itself in place, but it’s startlingly effective.

User Experience

Let’s say you’re out on your morning run. What’s your user experience going to be like?

The speakers aren’t great for playback if you’re outdoors with a lot of ambient noise, but they work alright in a quiet room.

That said, the speakers are much better when you’re trying to take a call. The microphones are good at picking up your voice and relaying good-quality sound to the person at the other end of the line.

The earbuds are much more effective at relaying sound, and they’re quite comfortable to wear for a long time, even if you’re really moving. They use LG’s Quad Layer speaker technology, which is a diaphragm made up of four layers to produce a balanced sound overall.

If you like bass that can rattle your bones, you’ll be a bit disappointed with this set. You can change the music settings if your synced phone has a sound equalizer, though, so don’t let that discourage you from buying this set.

There’s also a surprising number of functions you can achieve with the buttons on the set, so it definitely pays to read the whole manual and get acquainted before you hit the road. The lg tone active review overall has impressive feedbacks from users.

Beyond Your LG Tone Active Review

The verdict of this LG Tone Active review? It’s a solid set of headphones for the hardcore gym rat, whether you’re a weight lifter, a sprinter, a HIIT junkie, or anything in between.

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