Mpow Flame 2

Mpow Flame 2 Sport Headphones

The Mpow Flame 2 is a sleek, modern headphone device that is perfect for both men and women who are running on a regular basis or hitting the gym. These Bluetooth headphones are just fantastic for people who need a comfortable and stable pair of headphones that stay in the ears and do not lose their grip.

Because of the unique design featuring 25-degree slanting, these sport headphones will stay in your ear no matter how much you run or turn your head around. (I don’t know about you but earbuds never stay in my ears)

The silicone ear hook offers flawless stability, while the Bluetooth feature enables you to enjoy a cordless experience for up to 13 hours.

Mpow Flame 2 Sport Headphones 1Mpow Flame 2 Sport Headphones 2

You can successfully use these Bluetooth headphones to listen to music, talk to your friends or record your voice. They are also fully waterproof, so they won’t get damaged by snow, rain or sweat.

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